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Company Profile

1. Well Time Steel Group is a professional manufacturer of Coil Processing Equipment.
which was was established by the current President, Mr. Bo Rong Huang in 1994.
2. Established Well Time Steel (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the year 2002.
3. Established Li Wei Steel (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. in the year 2018.
4. Well Time Steel Group has manufactured nearly 900 sets of Coil Processing Equipment  

Management Team
The owner of our company has engaged in coil processing equipment for more than 50 years
(since 1971), and established Well Time Steel Co., Ltd. in 1994. 
1st Chairman, Expert of Electric Mr. Guo Sheng Tsai (10 years) 
2nd Chairman, Expert of International Trade, Mr. Jing Jung Yo(10 years) 
3rd Chairman, Mr. Bo Rong, Huang 

General Manager, Mr. Hong Zhi, Tien, also the Chief Product Designer, has worked together for 40 years, 
Vice General Manager of Finance, Mr. Shi Dao, Huang, stockholder, EMBA of Nation Sun Yat-sen University.  
Vice General Manager of Production, Mr. Yo Ching, Huang, BA of Kung Shan University. 
Sales Manager, Mr. Yu Jen, Huang, BA of Japanese University. 2007 on board.     

Main Business 
1. Customizing products : Slitting, Shearing, Trimming and recoiling, Tension levelling, and small rolling machine.
2. Service : Equipment moving, modification, Update Control System, Enhance Capacity

R&D Target
1. Automation of knife arrangement and interchanging of Slitting machine.
2. Slitting Machine of processing 19mm thickness coil.
3. Rotary Shearing Machine of processing 25mm thickness coil.

Business Target
1. Developing more precise processing line.
2. Developing more automatic mechanism.
3. Promoting of safe device.
4. To modify the equipment of various steel mill (Aluminum, Copper, Stainless).

R&D Division : 7 Engineers
Production Mechanic : 20 skilled workers for Processing and Assembling
Electrical Division : 2 Engineers
Painting : 2 skilled workers
Total : 50 employees 

1972 : 1st slitting machine delivery. (Far East Steel Ent. Corp.
1978 : 1st 6mm high tension coil cutting machine delivery.( TMMC SHIPYARD CO., LTD.) 
1996 : 1st Rotary Shear Machine(Sumitomo Corp.(Guangzhou)Ltd. ) 

Slitting Equipment  
    Thinnest workpiece : 0.06 m/m T
    Thickest workpiece : 13m/m (Max. 19m/m)
    Fastest processing speed : 300 m/min (Silicon Steel Sheet)
    Heaviest workpiece : 38 Ton
    Slitter Stand : Max. 3 (4 times)
    Mandrel : (Ø304、Ø406、Ø508 quick changing ) or (Ø508 & Ø610)
    Build for Auto parts factory : 3.0mmT×1850mmW Slitter*20 set
     ( for vehicle outer plate)
    Slitting Line for Silicon steel : more than 50 sets

Shearing Equipment 
     Thinnest workpiece : 0.3m/mT
     Thickest workpiece : 16 m/mT(Stainless steel) ; 25m/mT(Carbon Steel)
     Fastest Processing Speed : 100 m/min
     Fastest Shearing Speed : 250 cut/min
     Heaviest workpiece : 38 Ton
     Longest Production Line : 130mL(Steel Coil Galvanizing Line)
                                                  96mL(Steel Coil Pickling Line)  
     Heavy Duty Rotary Shearing Machine:25m/mt × 2130m/mw (Max. cutting capacity)

Biggest Order    
                 1st USD 3,760,000 (Wugang Group)
                 2nd USD 3,000,000 (Kanematsu Corp. Guangdong)
                 3rd USD 2,700,000 (Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.)               
 Max. Annual Turnover   USD 20,000,000

No. 1 Record in Taiwan         
                1975     Fully use DC motor in slitting equipment, the earliest one.
                1976     The 1st one manufacturer that use Japanese belt bridle. Accumulated to 230 set as the year of 2020.
                1983     Begin to use servo control system in shearing system, the earliest.
                1986     Begin to produce 3 slitter stand slitting equipment, the earliest.
                1995     The 1st one manufacturer who make non stop rotary shearing equipment 

Client List                  
             Taiwan : China Steel – Vietnam, India, PCMI Metal Products(Chong Qing), CSMK
                            YUSCO, YC INOX, FROCH, Chun Yuan, Shinco, HK Steel,
                            Great Grandeul, Yieh Phui, Yieh Mau, Hong Long, Industrial, Pochwen,
                            TSAI SEE, Tai Hao, Vulcan Steel, Shye-yao Steel, Sun Rich Steel
              Japan : Kanematsu, Marubeni, Mitsui, Sumitomo Metal, Itochu, Nippon Seitetsu, Nisshin 
              China : Bao Gang, Wu Gang, Ma Gang, An Gang, Pan Gang, Shougang, Tai Gang,
                          Wuxi Daming, Aoyang Group, Guangzhou KYH, Foxconn, Chun Yuan              
Well Time Steel always keep working hard for coil processing equipment and we have been working diligently for 50 years,
and our products have been accumulated nearly 900 sets.
Recently, we’ve completed the following projects. 
1. 19 m/m Slitting Line
2. 300 m/min Super Thin Oriented Silicon Steel Slitting line with deburring process.
3. Auto arrangement of Separator System.
4. Auto arrangement and changing of knife replacing.
5. 25m/mT Auto Rotary Shearing Line.